Download Angry Birds for PC – 2011

UPDATE: Looks like the free offer is only available for UK residents and involves signing up to Currys’ AppUp Centre (not the Intel’s AppUp). The listed price of the game in Intel AppUp is $4.99.

Angry Birds for PC is available in the Intel’s recently launched App store, Intel App Up store for free! There is a catch though – you need to download and install a 30MB Intel AppUp software before downloading one of the most popular game in iOS and Android devices.

The PC app is told to be free for the first 15,000 users or until March, whichever comes first.

Visit Intel AppUp by clicking here.


Until now, the game was only available for Android/Iphone devices and Apple computers running MAC OS.

The game works on Windows XP – Windows 7 machine and runs directly from the folder it is in.

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