Don Sammons the lone resident of the smallest town in the world, Buford

Buford, probably the smallest town in the world, has a population of 1. Yes O  N  E, 1.

The sole resident, of the Wyoming, US town is a 60 year old, Don Sammons, who runs a Gas station, liquor store, and hot dogs, all in one.

The town founded in 1866, the town once had a population of 2,000. The majority of the railway worker moved, leaving the whole town empty. Don moved to the town in 1980 with his wife and son. His wife died and he is all alone now. But, his business draws nearly 1,000 people everyday.


The self-claimed The Mayor of Buford has a site to tell about his business:

Sitting at 8,000 feet, Buford is also the highest town in elevation on Interstate 80, the main cross-country route between New York and San Francisco.


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