Content Farms targeted by Google

google-logo Google has started using a new algorithm that helps in removing low-quality websites from its search result. It is told that the new algorithm will "noticeably impacts 11.8%" of queries done on Google. These ‘content farms’ copy the contents from other sites or make low quality content targeted to the search engine rather than the users.

ehow-com Quality of a website is a relative term and it can’t be quantified. It is to be know how the Google algorithm works, but there is a chance that some legit sites might be penalized to be a ‘content farm’ if the content written is not well written. At the same time, some article sites, like, might also come under ‘content farm’ as they collect articles from the users. The quality of such articles may not be as good as those prepared by professionals.

In their blogpost, Google fellow Amit Singhal and Google principal engineer Matt Cutts say:

This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites — sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other Web sites or sites that are just not very useful.

Yes, content should be valued, and important content given a higher priority in search. But, in the process, unsuspecting and innocent sites shouldn’t be punished.

Anyways, search engines are the kings! (Content is NOT).

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