Canadian $50,000 Royal wedding gift goes to the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The initial response to Canada’s wedding gift of $50,000 to Prince William and Kate Middleton was not that pleasant.

Many believed – with all the current financial mess, wasting money on gift to the Royal wedding is the least expected expenditure of the government. Some also argued that the Royals should have acted decent enough by not accepting such unnecessary gifts. But, these people also ignore the fact that the gift goes to a Canadian charitable organization, the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, said the government of Canada offered this gift on behalf of all Canadians. He added, the gift will be sued to help fund the search-and-rescue program, and to help prevent injuries or loss of life at sea.


The royal couple’s one of the honeymoon destination will be Canada. The June 30-July 8 visit will cover areas in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Ottawa.

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