Bing vs Google – Is it Google’s defeated mentality or Larry Page taking over?

larry_pageGoogle’s head of Webspam team., Matt Cutts’s blog is full of Bing and Google search pages, comparing what Microsoft has stolen from the Google search results. Google has accused Bing of shoplifting the Google search. Microsoft says, it is using user data gathered from the Bing Toolbar and IE8 Suggested Sites feature. Google does teh same thing – collect who-knows-what data with Google Toolbar and/or Chrome. Even an ex Google engineer says that Google does the same as what Bing is being accused of by Google.

I thought, others follow the leaders. And, leaders don’t care. It is only when the leader gets a feeling that he/she can’t keep the pace… will turn around and start telling the followers to do something other than following him/her.

In the similar manner, as long as Google has its innovative muscles it wouldn’t care what others copy. That was the reason it was giving away almost everything for free. At least, I thought it was like that until it started resisting others like, blocking Facebook access Gmail contact.

google-pagerank I might be completely wrong, and the change in behavior might be because of Larry Page taking over the rein. Kara in allthingsd thinks Google’s Bing attitude defines Larry Page. I hope, it is nothing more than the "drive and aggression" of Bill Gates within Larry as told by Kara.

If that is not so, may be, Page should let Eric Schmidt run the company and get back to work on his PageRank.

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