Beezin, a new teen drug, lip balm applied on eyelids

In a latest trend, teenagers are found to use a lip balm on their eye lids to get a high. A lip moisturizer, Burt’s Bees lip balm, is a natural product with beeswax as one of the ingredients. The lip moisturizer creates tingly sensation. When applied to the eye-lids it allegedly simulates the effect of being high.

Called ‘beezin’, the practice is flagged by the doctors saying that it can be a dangerous practice. Medical toxicologists warn that such practice can cause serious risks including allergic reactions and can also spread herpes virus. The virus can even make a person blind and a serious infection can even take life.

purts bees lip balm

If lip balm is used on the cold sore and if it is applied on the eyelid, the herpes virus could be transmitted from the lip balm to a person’s eye.

The makers of Burt Bee’s released a press statement telling that it might be harmful if it is not used as it is intended:

“There are lots of natural things that probably shouldn’t go in eyes — dirt, twigs, leaves, food — and our lip balm. Burt’s Bees tests all of its products, including the Beeswax Lip Balm to ensure they are safe for their intended use. We recommend that people use our products as directed and we will make every effort to ensure that the intended use of our lip balm is clearly communicated.”

Although it’s not illegal to beezin, the users should take care not to harm themselves.

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