Are some Canadian Universities Too Asian?

canada A MacLean’s article on colleges and universities has spurred the racial debate in Canadian Universities. The article talks about a number white students avoiding big-name schools to avoid "too Asian" crowd and be at home with the fellow whites. The not-too-Asian colleges choices are less competitive and easy to get admitted to and have more parties and fun activities.

Responding to the article, US Blogger angryasianman says he doesn’t like:

… the part that makes Asian students sound like joyless, socially-isolated, singularly-focused drones under the command of overbearing immigrant parents.

It seem, the article was very popular and the editors apparently have edited the original article. The archive of the original article however is still available here.

I think the author of the article should have mulled upon a few facts before writing it:

  • Nobody else is more Canadian than aboriginal/native descents. If white people are "white Canadians" then the Asian should also be ‘Asian Canadians’.
  • Asians and all other minorities should integrate into the Caucasian population and vice versa. There is no excuse of not doing so. Discrimination between recently migrated European and recently migrated Chinese would only be based on skin color.
  • Some students being smart doesn’t make competition unfair.

On contrast, it is also true that:

  • Memorizing a book and getting good grades doesn’t necessarily mean they are smart.
  • Some people, by their inherited nature, isolate themselves and don’t mingle easily with others. Usually the first generation and second  generation migrants tend to have such behavioral problem.

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