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I came across a funny photo taken at an airport somewhere. It really doesn’t sound funny when you are taking this terminal for your travel. The message shows that the computer does not have firewall turned on and there is no antivirus installed. I believe, all the computers in airport are connected by some sort of networking and if one computer is vulnerable all others should be.

Don’t know the dates and details of the airport but it sounds alarming to me.

airport security

Well, that is not a lone computer. People have found many pop-ups and errors being displayed on the information terminals. Here are some of such photos from different locations around the world.

airport error3

airport error4

airport error

Well, all of the above pictures seem to be running in windows system and you might suggest them to be run on relatively secure Linux system. But wait, here is another picture showing errors in a Linux system of Kiruna (Sweden) airport.

Terminal-screen at Kiruna (Sweden) airport

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3 thoughts on “Airport Security – Computers

  1. That’s hilarious. Particularly the drive failure one. 😀 Though it does make one wonder about the systems on the planes themselves!

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