A Spanish woman registered the Sun in her name

It’s not my Sun or your Sun anymore!

A 49 year old Angeles Duran, from Galicia, Spain, has registered the Sun, the big bright star on the sky, in her name at a local notary office.

Now, if anybody wants to use the Sun, she can charge a fee as per the Spanish law. She says, everyone who uses it will be charged – with 50% of the fees going to the Spanish Government.


There is an international agreement which states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star. She found the loophole – that doesn’t bar any human from claiming it.

Well, it sure sound smart in her terms, but registering a celestial bodies in somebody’s name doesn’t make sense at all. It all looks like, she wants to tell the world that she is smart, and she doesn’t have any concrete economic plans either. (dailymail)

Even if she could charge every solar panel, she will surely have to deal with a lot of them – all over the world. How about lawsuits on the damages by UV rays, sun burn, discoloring and so on?

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