7 miracles of life, according to an Indian actress

An Indian actress, Manisha Koirala, raised to the top position in the film industry, Bollywood. She was known to drink a lot, having affair with everybody and having fun all the time. When the age took toll and her film career started taking a downward trend, she got married and divorced within the first year.

7 miracles of life

To make the matter worse, she was diagnosed of cancer at the end of 2012. Surviving ovarian cancer reversed the lifestyle of the actress. Here are some of the insights of the actress:

The 7 miracles of life according to the Indian actress are:

  1. Group of laughing people
  2. Mornings
  3. Friendship
  4. Love
  5. Kind intentions
  6. Meditation
  7. Open heart

I am not much sure about no. 2 mornings and no. 6 meditation but all other 5 things sure are miraculous.

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